When you purchase one of our designs, you get a piece of our Salvadoran identity, each product promotes in a novel way the traditionally handcrafted textiles with feminine accessories and completely avant-garde decorative products.

Vane Jiménez is a modern textile, jewelry and accessories design brand from El Salvador. Each of our products are made with purpose, value and history.

My goal is to work with different artisanal methods, especially the traditional lever loom weaving of the borough of San Sebastían (San Vicente), better known as the “Bataneco” town due to its popular looms, which are considered a cultural virtue of El Salvador. This great cultural value mixed with other traditional procedures, the experimentation of different materials and modern laser cutting on wood, grants us the opportunity to create a truly unique Salvadoran brand.

This is how we materialize emotions, by applying methods with cultural merit passed on from generation to generation.


My objective is to work with different handcrafted techniques, especially the traditional weaving on a lever loom in the municipality of San Sebastian (San Vicente), better known as the Bataneco town characteristic for its looms, considered a cultural asset of El Salvador. Thanks to this great cultural value mixed with other traditional techniques and the experimentation with different materials, this fusion with laser cutting in wood allows us to create a unique stamp as a Salvadoran brand. 

This is how we create from the emotions as physical representation in our products applying techniques with great cultural value transmitted from generation to generation, creating unique and unrepeatable pieces. 


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